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validweeklyads.com How do I add to favorites?

We have a surprise for you. To add the catalogs to your favorites, follow the desired categories by clicking on the "Heart" icon.

  • To add your favorite catalogs
  • If you are entering the site for the first time, you must read and accept the "Cookies" instructions.
  • On the catalog listing page, click the heart icon above the catalogs.
  • That's it That's it;
  • Now the catalogs of your favorite brands have been added to "Favorites" for you.

validweeklyads.com How do I delete favorites?

  • To delete favorite brand categories, simply click on the highlighted heart button.

Example of how brands can favorite their categories -> Catalogs are listed on the homepage or category pages.You have now added "Click on the heart button" on one of the "Migros" sample catalogs to your favourites. Even if you leave the site, you can now see the catalogs on the favorites page when you come back. It is therefore very easy to access the catalogs without membership

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